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FULFIL Zone WellFest Line Up

3rd May 2019

It’s that time of year again when it’s starting to feel a bit summery and we’re happy to spend a whole weekend in our activewear, jumping around getting sweaty and pumped up! Yep, WellFest is here again!

Europe’s largest outdoor health and wellness festival returns to Kilmanhaim and after the AMAZING turnout we had last year at the FULFIL Fit Zone, we’re doing it all again this year, bringing back some of our friends including Mary-Kate Slattery, Megan Williams, Maeve Madden and Victor Rabei as well as some new people too to bring you a range of sessions including:

  • Movement and animal flow classes with Spectrum Wellness
  • Boxing HIIT sessions
  • Strength and Conditioning class
  • Combat Defence
  • Pilates and Yoga
  • And more

And our MC for the day will be none other than the man, the myth, the legend that is Billy O’Regan!

Check out our full weekend schedule below and if you still haven’t got your tickets yet then grab some now over at Wellfest.ie/tickets