Our new Chocolate Caramel flavour is out of this world...so we sent it into space!

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We just launched our newest out of this world flavour, Chocolate Caramel. Taking a leaf out of Elon Musk’s book we launched this flavour into space (yes you read it right, the bar went into space!). Capturing the mission,we created an amazing 360° video of the bar floating in space with the earth appearing in the background.

A special unit was created that was launched into the atmosphere via a specially engineered ‘space balloon’ with a camera attached. This balloon travelled 100 kilometers into space and back, floating in the cosmos capturing the wonder of the universe around it, before descending back to earth

Some additional fun facts about the FULFIL space mission:

  • The bar flew a total of 100 kilometers during the mission
  • At its highest height it reached a total of 33.685 km
  • The bar spent a total of 55 minutes in space
  • It took 1.45 hours to arrive in outer space and 40 minutes to travel back

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