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Twice the Health: Our 5 Favourite London Running Routes

13th May 2020

When we all exit lockdown as amazing runners, we’re going to want to know the best routes to add to our Strava! We linked up with running duo Twice the Health to get their top London running routes…

“Our feed is full of us frolicking from place to place, exploring all ends of the world on our two feet. We both grew up putting one foot in front of another, with this repeat motion taking us to all ends of the country, maybe even racing against each other at a young age. We’ve since continued in that fashion right through to our late 20’s, and we now make a living from it!

When the London Marathon was postponed, our schedule eased, meaning we were free to meander more of our favourite routes while we had the time.

And where are said favourite routes we hear you ask? Since you asked so nicely, we’re willing to share a few of our secrets to help you get the most out of your miles…”


1. Hammersmith and Putney Bridge Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 6.5km

Terrain: Pavements and easy trail

Why this run: It’s a total delight to be out along the river, watching the rowers go by. You don’t have to cross any roads so your run can be continuous, unless of course, like us you wish to pause mid-run on Hammersmith bridge and look back up the river. The bridge is currently closed to cars due to maintenance, so it’s quite peaceful for a moment or two to catch your breath.



2. Richmond Park Outer Loop

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 11km

Terrain: Trail

Why this run: Richmond Park is the perfect escape for any Londoner. Following the Tamsin Trail around the edge of the park is a favourite for us, but don’t stop there, there are trails and tracks a plenty to explore within the park. Be sure to keep an eye out for the famous deer who call the park home.


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3. Battersea Park

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 5km

Terrain: Pavements and tarmac

Why this run: It’s only a small park, but you can wiggle around without getting too lost, allowing you to clock up some easy miles without it feeling too repetitive. There are also always lots of adorable dogs roaming the routes!



4. Central Royal Parks

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 10.5km

Terrain: Pavements and tarmac

Why this run: The wonderful sites! This winding route takes you through Hyde Park, around the Serpentine, up to Kensington Gardens and Palace, back along the Serpentine, past Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, under Wellington Arch, down constitution hill to

Buckingham Palace, over the Blue Bridge in St James’s Park, over The Mall and up the side of Green Park, back under Wellington Arch and up the side of Hyde Park and back up to Marble Arch. Try saying that all in one breath (but don’t try running it in one… please!)



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5. Primrose Hill sprints

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 180m

Terrain: Tarmac

Why this run: You can tailor your session depending on your fitness or time available. A favourite of ours is 4×3 sprints. You sprint up three times with jog recovery back down, rest for 2mins, then go three more times again through. Once you are done, you are rewarded with an epic view over London from the top of the hill.



And that’s where you’ll find us, with plenty of options for all kinds of sessions across the five routes. You can bet we’ve always got a Fulfil bar in our pack too to solve the post-run hunger!