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#TryMoreNew: Yoga

11th January 2019


Make this the year you actually get into yoga! When you’re feeling a bit frazzled, overwhelmed, with your to-do list growing ever longer, sometimes just a time out for your mind can do wonders.

If you’ve never done yoga before, you might be thinking it’s all hippie-dippy, third eye energy, ‘my leg goes where?’ kind of stuff. But pick a beginner class, don’t overdo it and just enjoy the break from thinking about anything else in your life. And let’s be honest, most of us here just go for the Savasana at the end anyway!

Soon you’ll be embracing the core-strengthening, muscle-toning and stress-reducing benefits of yoga and feel the impact in other active areas of your life. For athletes, yoga can be valuable in injury prevention, recovery and strength building.

Confused about the type you should go for? Hot Bikram? Ashtanga? Check out this site for a breakdown of each type and what it’s good for.

And it’s not just for the willowy, lycra clad #yogaeverydamnday ladies. Everyone can do it, including you lads. Broga anyone? (We’ve heard of dog-a and think this is something we can get into!)

We’re also big fans of yoga with a damn good soundtrack. Collectives like Sweat and Sound offer immersive pop-up classes set to live music in under the radar locations in New York and London. That’s definitely going on our #TryMoreNew activity list.