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#TryMoreNew: Sea Swim

8th January 2019



Granted that plunging into the cold, unforgiving sea when it’s grey and freezing outside isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (mmmm…cup of tea!) but try it JUST once over the next few months for a bit of craic with mates and some extra health benefits!

Recent research has shown the extensive benefits that sea swimming has on mental health by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Jenny Landreth, author of Swell:Waterography says:

“Cold water can help people’s ability to deal with depression. The mental strength required to get in very cold water can boost your immune system, which helps resist colds etc. It increases blood flow, which improves circulation. [It also] helps muscle recovery, relieving inflammation. [Other benefits include] better metabolism, exposure to Vitamin D, serotonin.”


A study commissioned by Swim England to coincide with ‘World Mental Health Day‘ found that when queried about the impact swimming has on their day-to-day life, 43pc of people who swim regularly said it makes them feel happier, 26pc are more motivated to complete daily tasks while 15pc believe life feels more manageable.

Yes, it’s going to be bloody cold but the feeling after is honestly amazing. That jolt of adrenaline makes you feel more alive than you have all day.  And just think of the smug Instagram bragging you can do. Always remember to bring treats for after (and maybe a hot water bottle!)

So get rid of those January (February?) blues and grab a few willing mates or do a quick search for local groups who go and are always open to newbies joining.

Don’t get us wrong – when we say ’swim’ we mean a quick dip in and out!

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