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#TryMoreNew: Animal Flow

8th January 2019


If you’re a keen gym bunny you might feel that you tried it all from HIIT to strength training and everything in between. But have you ever given Animal Flow a try? Whether you’re just looking to get fit, are a seasoned gym goer or an all out athlete, Animal Flow is a really good option for mobility, strength, endurance and power and is actually good fun too!

According to Mike Fitch, the trainer who created Animal Flow; “It’s a combination of gymnastics, yoga and breakdancing with some animal movements thrown in.” And who doesn’t want to channel their inner Ape, Beast and Crab while working out?!

This type of ground-based movement bodyweight training combines cardio conditioning, muscular endurance and multi-planar movements that will help in any sport, activity and day to day life and will help you gain more body awareness. And you can do it anywhere with no equipment!

Still a bit confused about what it’s all about? Take a look at the following video to get a better idea of what’s involved. (And it’s actually WAY harder than it looks.)