Bucket Lists: Make them do-able…and do them!

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Bucket Lists: Make them do-able…and do them!

1st October 2019

When I think of my original Bucket List that I made when I was probably about 16, it had all the usual stuff on it:

  • See the Northern Lights
  • Do a Sky-Dive
  • Do Route 66 in a convertible Mustang
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • etc.

And then I realised what it means to be an adult! Limited free time, not the millionaire I thought I would be by this age, work, family and friend priorities…Inevitably, ticking off my bucket list has come to a bit of a halt.

The mini Bucket List

So, while I am definitely keeping that original list to keep me inspired (and to admire my optimistic 16-year-old self!)  I’ve taken a different approach and now make a new, more achievable list every year. (I don’t know why but the start of the new school year always feels like the start of a new year for me – I must still think I’m 16.)

Result? A ‘mini’ Bucket List of smaller, more attainable items that you want to do but don’t generally make time for. It makes for more interesting weekends, weekday evenings and general day-to-day life. It’ll help you to get out of a rut and enjoy life more! And research shows that it can lead to a more fulfiling (sorry) life. So..here is my 2019/2020 Bucket List in case it gives you some inspiration to make your own;

My 2019/20 Bucket List:

  • Go on a solo holiday
  • Do a marathon (about to tick this off in 3 weeks – eeeek! If this is on your list, just sign up for one and you’ll figure out the rest!)
  • Swim in the sea every month
  • Midnight kayaking to see the bioluminescence
  • Learn to skateboard
  • Visit at least one new place in my country
  • Go wild camping

Remember; make it doable – and then do it!

And while you’re flying through and ticking off your mini Bucket List, we want to help you tick off some of those bigger items on your list. We want to give a lucky winner the chance to win their bucket list activity of choice! All you have to do is tell us what’s on your Bucket List by sharing it on social, tagging FULFIL and using the hashtags #LifesWonderfuel and #FeedtheDream. T&Cs apply.


Happy Bucket List-ing!