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March: This month we’ll mostly be listening to…

2nd March 2020

It’s a new month which means a new playlist! We’ve pulled together some recent favourites that have kept us bopping along the past few weeks.

It’s a bit of a multi-functional one as well – great for the gym, great for a run and great for getting ready to go out. Efficient use of playlist-ing some might say.

We’ve got a mixture of techno from DJ Koze, some contemporary blues from Fat Freddy’s Drop and representing some home-grown talent in the form of MangoxMathman with Lisa Hannigan in one of their biggest hits Deep Blue.

The playlist is updated monthly so if there are any that you like make sure to save them before they’re gone FOREVER (well…until you remember the artist/song name and search for it yourself that is, but we like to make it easy for you 😜 )

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