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The Motivation Mixtape!

25th April 2018

Who doesn’t need a bit of motivation now and again? Whether it’s the early morning class you need to get to (how many alarms do you set?), the extra mile on your run, or simply to knock your to-do list for the day out of the park.

So, while you can always tweet the original Mr Motivator for some inspo, sticking on your headphones and listening to a killer playlist is a bit easier. 


And it’s been proven that good music can mask our discomfort allowing us to ignore those messages in our head telling us to stop!

We love the tunes here at Fulfil HQ but the pressure of acting DJ can get to some of us. So we wanted to create the ultimate Motivation Mixtape and we asked for your help. And you delivered!

From Eminem’s Lose Yourself, DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win (obvs), Janelle Monae’s dancy Dance Apocalyptic to some classics from AC/DC and Fat Boy Slim, it’s an eclectic combination of some of our favs, and some of your suggestions. 


Now go forth and boss the day!

Suggestions for other playlists we should make? Tweet us!