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Cool Down & Chill Out Playlist

2nd July 2018

Ever been to a yoga class and enjoyed the Savasana at the end more than the class itself? Or is the only thing getting you through your workout the thought of the stretching and cool-down at the end? When you’ve worked up a sweat, there’s nothing nicer than a proper cool down session, which we’re all guilty of skipping now and again in our busy lives. 

The Motivation Mixtape!


We’ve decided to re-prioritise the cool down and picked some of our fav chilled songs to make this hour-long playlist. It’s guaranteed to have some tunes in there to slow you down. 

So whether you’ve smashed out a 45-minute sweat sesh, or just need some down time lying on your sofa, try this playlist for some (always needed) relaxation.

Enjoy ✌