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#TryMoreNew: Park Run

11th January 2019


Who else has decided on January 1st that ‘this is the year I take up running?’ Guilty 🙋‍♂️

Sometimes signing up for a race gives you a goal to keep you motivated but more often than not we just need a bit of casual organisation to get us up and out. A running club can feel a bit too organised and exclusive and that’s where the beauty of the Park Run movement comes in.

Set up in 2004 by some ordinary runners in Teddington by simply organising timed runs on a Saturday morning in public parks, they are responsible for people doing more regular exercise than they had ever done before.

If running is something you’d like to dabble in this is perfect because you don’t need to be a proper runner. Participants come in all shapes and sizes and it’s one of the most inclusive activities to do despite being a solo exercise. Its main benefit is the sense of community it creates from the runners to the volunteers and the same people turning up every week.

Why not find one near you next weekend, grab a pal and organise a nice brunch for afterwards and see if this will be the year you officially take up running!