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#TryMoreNew: Indoor Rock Climbing

11th January 2019


Indoor bouldering is fast becoming a cool alternative to typical gym routines. A combination of resistance and aerobic training it develops strength and flexibility – in a social and fun environment. Some research suggests that it can burn as many calories as a HIIT class.

Louis Parkinson, a bouldering coach, describes it as a cross between a physical version of chess and ballet.

One of the big benefits to bouldering is that it encourages a sense of community. There is also evidence – according to a study by the University of Arizona – to suggest bouldering can boost confidence, alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and even help with acrophobia! So if you have a fear of heights, why not make 2019 the year you finally try and beat it?

2020 is also the year that Climbing will officially be declared an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee!