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5 lockdown challenges people completed at home

17th April 2020

Many of us started the year with certain challenges and goals that we wanted to achieve this year. We even got every FULFIL employee to sign up to a challenge this year, from marathons to sea swims, but then Covid-19 decided to make an appearance and put all of that to rest for now.

However, some people haven’t let the current circumstances get in the way. Here are 5 people that have embraced the lockdown challenge life!

1. The Virtual Everest Basecamp Expedition

Led by Rory Southworth, a team of about 30 climbers have climbed the equivalent of Everest Basecamp by trekking up back steps, stairs and even ladders to an altitude of 5,364 metres.

Speaking to The Guardian, Rory said; “For this challenge, I wanted to bring people with me on the journey. There was a lot of negativity among the outdoor community about being confined at home and I wanted to give people a reason to exercise.”

Donning his mountaineering gear and sending video messages from his tent pitched in his living room, Rory completed the challenge Rory using the back seven steps leading into his garden, after being evicted from the indoor stairs!


2. The Everest Summit

John Griffin

John Griffin, the husband of an NHS frontline worker, climbed the height of Everest using the stairs in his three-story house over a period of 4 days!

Every morning, after getting his daughter ready with her school work for the day, he would take to the stairs to complete the 1363 ascents. In total, he was walking up and down his stairs for 29 hours and stopped for a drink of water and a snack every 306m.

‘I also obviously had to walk down the stairs each time as well – so funnily enough, I reached the bottom of Everest shortly after I reached the top.’


3. The Marathon

James Campbell decided to celebrate his 32nd birthday in lockdown by running a marathon….in his 6m long back garden!

After tweeting that he would do it if he got 10,000 RTs, James completed the marathon in just over 5 hours completing more than 7,000 lengths of his garden while raising £25,000 for the NHS.


4. The Paddling Pool Swim

credit: Jo Mitchinson

Jo Mitchinson swims for Team Luton Swimming Club and usually completes around 4000m per session.

She wasn’t going to let lockdown keep her from training so she did the smart thing and installed a paddling pool in her garden. “But you wouldn’t get very far in a paddling pool,” you might say. Well, she is able to swim the long distances by attaching a belt around her waist to a resistance band which is fastened to a wheelie bin full of water!

She says she’s currently swimming around 3000m a day and that it’s more about staying fit and happy than it is about training.


5. The 100 garden lap

This week, 99-year-old war veteran Captain Tom Moore raised over £16m for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden!!

Starting the challenge on the 8th April, he said he hoped to raise £1,000 but following a number of TV features the amount just kept rising and rising, He wanted to complete it before he turned 100 on the 30th April. Well…mission well and truly accomplished! He finished his last 25 laps live on TV with a guard of honour by his side.

He also broke Just Giving’s record for the largest total ever raised through a single campaign.