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Ask the PT: Toning Up & Building Muscle

5th November 2018

We asked you what you’ve always wanted to ask a PT so we pulled together all the most popular questions you sent us and put them to our Fulfil ambassador and PT, Jamie Goonery, to answer.

This session is all about toning up and nutrition for building those muscles! 💪





Ask the PT Jamie Goonery Toning Up

Q: How do you tone up your stomach?

Unfortunately, you can’t just tone up a specific area. You can’t just tell your body I want to tone up here, I want to tone up there. You have to diet properly and train a certain way and let the rest do the work.


Q: What’s the best way to achieve defined abs?

When it comes to abs, the concept about them being made in the kitchen is true. To get defined abs you need to make sure that your body fat is low, so you need to keep your body in a calorie deficit. Find out what your body needs to maintain weight and then drop below that slightly.

If you’re eating too many calories and not being smart with your cardio, doing ab workouts probably won’t do anything for you. I personally make sure that my sugar intake is low, but you have to work in a calorie deficit nice and steadily (nothing majorly drastic), be smart with your cardio and add in ab workouts and your abs will start to become more defined.



Q: Can you tone up your body without losing your assets completely?

I’d recommend keeping your protein high, to make sure you’re not losing any muscle. Less protein means your muscles will start to deteriorate. So supplements could come in handy if you’re not getting enough from your diet. A carb cycle can work as well, which is something I do, which is lowering the carbs when you don’t need them and increasing them when you do.


Q: What is the best type of cardio you would recommend?

When it comes to cardio, it’s like food – what you like or enjoy the most is the one you’ll stick at. HIIT training, long distance running, rowing – the one that’s going to benefit you the most is the one you enjoy doing.

So, if you enjoy going to the gym and doing intervals on a treadmill 3 or 4 times a week then that’s the best cardio for you. If you hate going to boxercise, don’t do it! You’re not going to go as much, you’re not going to put in the same effort and you’re not going to get the results out of it.




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Q: What should I eat to lose belly fat and tone up?

In the fitness industry, there are no special foods to eat to tone up belly fat! Cabbage does not burn fat! Doing cardio and living in a calorie deficit – that’s what burns fat. You just have to live in a certain calorie deficit and train a certain way. Or just train!


Q: Best food to build muscle when bulking that you are able to stick to?

When looking to gain or lose weight it’s all about your calories but when you’re lean bulking my advice would be to make sure the food you’re eating isn’t full of saturated fats and sugar and that they’re eaten in a calorie surplus – basically more calories than you actually need in a day. That’s how you put on weight.

The best food for you to eat is the one you like. If you don’t like porridge, then you don’t have to eat it! If you like pasta, and you could eat it every day, then eat it every day.

However, if you like chips, and eat them every day then you’re going to put on size and weight but you’re also going to put on fat and you’re going to have to do so much more to cut down to get in better shape.

So, find foods you actually like, stick at them and eat a lot of them when you’re trying to bulk.

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Q: Best food to eat after training that doesn’t make you gain weight

You can eat most foods in a day as long as you remain in a calorie deficit! There’s no food that makes you gain weight! It’s when you eat too much of that food and you go over the maintenance calories that makes you gain weight.  The only way you gain weight is if you keep going over your calorie maintenance level for the day.

There are no specific foods out there that are going to make you gain weight or lose weight – it’s the AMOUNT of it you eat!


Q: Are protein shakes necessary for toning up and becoming leaner?

They’re probably not necessary in everyone’s diet but the thing is that they’re very convenient. For anyone that is very busy and trains before work, after work or during lunch, to sit down and have a full, high protein meal can be difficult. To be able to knock back 20g or 30g of protein in the form of a shake or bar straight after a session can help.

They are handy but the necessity of them is only if you’re not hitting your protein levels from your normal meals and snacks. If you can get all protein source in your diet then you’re sorted!