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#5to9Adventures: Working 9 to 5, Living 5 to 9

3rd October 2018

Working 9 to 5, living 5 to 9 – we want to start embracing our precious time outside of the office and take on micro-adventures.

Good ‘ol Dolly Parton had it right: “Working 9 to 5…it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.” That’s why we decided to embrace the 5 to 9 – those 16 hours (or slightly less!) that we have outside of the mundane office life. As a team, we wanted to discover what’s beyond the routine commute to and from work, via the gym and supermarket, so we took the long way home (and in some cases the long way into work!)

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So, we joined up with Outsider Magazine, got the Fulfil team together, wrapped up and jumped in – both metaphorically and literally!

We challenged ourselves to take on the micro-adventure – a concept made popular by adventurer Alastair Humphreys.  It’s a small scale adventure that is “short enough, local enough, cheap enough and convenient enough to fit into your normal busy life.”

Photo: Joe Ladrigan


So we’re sharing our mid-week micro-adventures with you and hopefully inspiring you to embrace your 5 to 9.

All you have to do is rally the troops or go solo, pick a day (and stick to it!), grab a Fulfil bar and say ‘laters’ to the office! Tag us in your photos and videos and use #5to9Adventures to be featured on our social channels and be in with a chance to win Fulfil freebies!

1. First up: The Fulfil team take on Wakeboarding!


If you’ve had a tough day in the office, nothing will make you forget about it quicker than plunging face first into the water while attempting to wakeboard!

A few of the team donned some sexy wetsuits and headed down to Wakedock in the heart of Dublin city to try their hand at it. ‘Try’ being the significant word!

Whether you’ve tried it or not, wakeboarding is FUN! After a few face plants, we got the hang of it and managed to look semi-cool as we cabled up and down, with the slightly more experienced of us attempting the jumps. With no broken bones, we rewarded ourselves with some well-earned pizza and decided this was going to be our new favourite past time. We just need a BIT more practice…



2. An evening River “Rafting” session   

Granted it was the flattest the water had been in a while, that didn’t stop us wet-suiting up AGAIN (we clearly love that wetsuit life) and jumping in an inflatable boat to discover our city from a very different perspective.

Zero skill was required for this one, although it is one helluva workout when it’s that calm, so we spent most of the time just trying to chuck each other overboard. Lots of fun, and home in time for dinner. And the guns were burning the next day. Bonus!


3. A quick morning-time Mountain bike trail

This one required an early morning alarm so it might not be for everyone…but…check out those sunrise views!! Totally worth dragging ourselves out of bed for (if it’s not raining of course).

Then we treated ourselves to an exhilarating whizz back down to the bottom and get that heart pumping ready for the day ahead!


4. Morning mindfulness with some sunrise SUP

Calming our minds, and getting in a workout at the same time, all before we hit the hectic office.

Living on an island and based in a coastal city, this one is definitely going on our regular schedule. The peacefulness of the city before everyone else wakes up, and the calm sea made for the easiest meditation session. Emails, meetings, reports and deadlines all seemed a million miles away.

Again, a morning without rain would be preferable!


5. The Fulfil team become Happy Campers!

Our final #5to9adventure was literally from 5pm right through to 9am! We packed up our tents, LOADS of layers and Fulfil snacks and went on a mid-week camping trip!

A short hike later and we were presented with the ideal spot right beside a lake. Lucky we just happened to have those paddle boards with us! The BBQ was fired up, we had Chocolate Hazelnut Whip S’mores (amazing – try it!), and some good chats and laughs.

The next morning we woke ourselves up with a quick, cold dip in the lake (disclaimer – not everyone partook in this activity!) and then headed back to the office in time for 9am(ish).

Definitely one for the books. (and seriously…try the Hazelnut Whip S’mores and thank me later.)

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